SlideMaster Custom Digital

Custom Digital Imaging * Studio Photography


Grandma, 1918


  Revive old photos! We can repair defects and damage, and bring new life to faded images!

  • Scanning on our Imacon Flextight scanner for highest sharpness
  • Giclée Fine Art Printing
  • Retouching
  • Page Layout
  • Laser Printing (Color or B&W) from your Documents
  • Short-run printing: Personal Holiday cards, Promotional Pieces, Small Signs (to 12 x 18)

    ...and more!

    Our new Services Include:

    "Shoebox" Scanning:
    Economical Bulk Print Scans

    DVD SlideShows
    Bluetooth Downloads
    Prints From Camera Phones

    Memory Card File Recovery
    DVD Duplication


    Email may be used to transfer smaller files.  Please call for our unpublished upload email address (helps keep the spam down).

    Email is limited in its ability to efficiently transfer large files.  We suggest you use a web-based service such as (free up to 2 GB per transfer), or ("Cloud" storage, 2GB free, a little trickier to use but offers powerful file sharing options).

    We check for incoming files at least once daily.  For fastest service, please call us when you have uploaded your photos, and we can check your files and begin production more quickly.